4 Ways I will solve your tax problems

1. Over 30 Years of Personal Experience

solving every kind of income tax problem for my clients.
Some areas of my expertise include: tax help with
federal income tax debts, money owed, non filed tax
returns for previous years, amended tax returns, tax
lien, tax preparation, tax deduction, tax planning,
tax question, tax advice, tax service, federal income
tax returns problems, and related matters.

2. I Work “Together” With The IRS

as opposed to “against” each other. I don’t cheat the
IRS to save you money (which may have been how your
last accountant cost you your current tax problems,
which you may not even be aware that you
have). Accordingly, I don’t let the IRS cheat YOU.


3. I’m Not A Tax Service Franchise

I don’t pawn you off to half experienced tax people. I
handle each case personally and I’m always available
for you to talk to. Why? Because it takes years of
personal experience with tax issues to see the countless
angles in any given tax problem scenario. I do not know
nor have I heard of anyone else as qualified as myself
to do that, therefore I haven’t taken on any help, which
means I will be personally analyzing your tax situation.

4. My Competition

My competition is not qualified, you hear these big firms
on tv and on the radio all day long asking you if you
have a tax problem, but they never seem to solve it for
you. I often have to fix their mistakes as well as begin
the work over because they never solved the original tax
problem you were having. After solving my client’s tax
problem, I then often help my clients get their money
back that they paid my competition for their incompetent
work. And please don’t get fooled by “former IRS
employees”, they are not qualified from working
on the inside.


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