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To Whom It May Concern:
While watching television one evening, I saw my CPA, of over thirty years, being arrested on a variety of charges. I immediately contacted a friend and requested him to pick up my records.

I was shocked and amazed to find out that my former CPA had me sign returns but never filed them. I was in dire straits and was about to be audited by the I.R.S. on Eight tax returns  2007 through 2010 for two separate companies. My friend referred me to Joe Ligeri, a local tax professional who had helped him out of a mess several years prior. After a brief discussion, I hired Mr. Ligieri. I found him to be professional, accurate and quick with his response. Mr. Ligieri immediately went to work on my problem. In a matter of months, he negotiated fair settlements. He brought my taxes up to date and rearranged my bookkeeping system so this problem could never surface again. He also found other various problems that even my financial adviser had neglected such as a tax deferred retirement plan that  was not being funded correctly. He was able to creatively adjust his service to whatever i needed to become financially stable including setting up an asset protection plan  I owe a lot to Mr. Ligeri, and would highly recommend his services to anyone. Mr. Ligeri is truly a  professional. He can be trusted and his professionalism is honorable. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I will gladly converse with you in regards to Joe Ligeri.
Gail President Village green


Jesse Crum

Here is my story.  As a result of sickness, I had to sell my business, resulting in a very
Substantial tax bill.  I immediately engaged what I thought was the foremost  tax experts
In the U.S. – JK HARRIS.   After paying them $3500.00 up front, I anxiously awaited
A fair settlement  of my tax problems.  After a year of sitting on pins and needles, with my
health continuing to deteriorate, JK HARRIS informs me that a settlement cannot be
Achieved, and that I should be paying all the taxes sought by the government!   At this
juncture, I am  desperate for help.  JK HARRIS has $3500.00 of my money, and the IRS
wants the rest!   And, needless to say, this is all taking a toll on my health!
A friend suggested that I see TAX PRO USA, because of his good experience with them.
I did, and this was the beginning of my reversal of fortune.  Mr. Joe Ligeri, the senior tax
expert at TAX PRO, sat down with me and proceeded to dig into my problems without any
up front retainer!   He continued to aggressively represent me, and what stunning results
he achieved!   He had my tax bill reduced to $200.00.  In addition, he helped me to
retrieve the $3500.00 I had paid to JK HARRIS!
Needless to say, I was overwhelmed by the results Mr. Ligeri obtained for me.  In addition
to solving my tax problems, I never told him, but he definitely added years onto my life!
I can heartily, and without reservation recommend Mr. Ligeri to anyone facing tax problems.
I have never met any professional more competent and more qualified than Joe Ligeri.  And
when you see him, tell him I said “thanks”!

Jesse Crum    Previous Owner of Crum Moving




An IRS advocate is a Specialty within Accounting that requires years of dedicated personal experience. Most individual Accountants do not have the wherewithal, desire and temperament to do this difficult, time consuming and much needed representation.

There are of course highly advertised companies that give the impression that they
can take care of all your problems. Unfortunately all IRS advocates are not
equal. It is the person that is addressing the needed concerns as well as the overall

goals and attitude of the company. I was almost a costly casualty of improper IRS representation and had to go through a
most time consuming Court battle to recover my needed unused funds to move forward.
I consider myself indeed blessed to have found Joe Ligeri who personally took
charge, giving me solace for a most emotional and demanding endeavor.
If you are looking for this rare individual to personally help in IRS representation,
Joe Ligeri is your man.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Rick Corwin


David Dean

I aVery happy with service, give my number as a reference. 505-491-0925

I am pleased to endorse the pure talent I have enjoyed in nearly twenty years as a client of Joe Ligeri…a true tax professional…In my case the services required were often complicated and contentious…in every instance we had the IRS completely outgunned…Joe knows more than the people on the other side, and he knows how to apply what he knows to his clients best advantage. Frequently the rulings adopted in my affairs were actually written by Joe and in most cases adopted word for word by the IRS. There is no one better, and no one works harder…

Bob Zampini – National Sales Rep

“Joe Ligeri has been my tax Consultant for years and he’s saved me more money than I can count. I had two episodes with the IRS; during one, Joe convinced the IRS to waive a $15,000 penalty; during the other, Joe negotiated an offer and compromise on my behalf with the IRS. I owed close to $50,000 and paid only $5000. He was responsible and always followed through with me. He’s very attentive and effective and does everything within the extent of the law.”

John Ruginski – Attorney

Joe Ligeri is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He will always save you money. Moreover, Joe is a very personable guy who relates well to clients. I know, because I was a client who became a close friend.”
“I was at one of my lowest points in life when I met Joe Ligeri. I doubted I could be helped, but I retained Joe for his attitude about my tax problems. During the years of corresponding with the IRS with Joe as my accountant, they stayed off my back,and Joe managed not only to wipe out my entire tax liability of over $45,000, but in addition he found errors that enabled him to wipe out my taxes for current years. He got me all of my withholdings back by using unused expenses. I have spent years of my life as a financial planner and know the value of an investment. Joe is the best return I have ever had on my money.”

Bill Dreher – Financial Planner, District Manager

“I joke with him about getting a cape, but to me, Joe Ligeri really is a Tax Superhero. Last year, my ex-husband bailed on our divorce agreement and left me to deal with all of the marital debts and a full mortgage. At tax time, I was horrified to discover that I also owed an extra 2K in taxes because of some reduced pay-off settlements I’d made on the credit cards. I was on the verge of a financial and emotional meltdown when Joe stepped in and literally saved my life. Using entirely legitimate means, he somehow managed to turn the 2K I owed the IRS into a $400 refund, and the financial advice he gave me proved invaluable in planning my way to a better future. But the thing that I appreciated most was that he genuinely seemed to care about my predicament. Joe truly does want to help people – maybe that’s the secret behind his Tax Superpowers!”
Cathren Housley – Artist, Musician Web Marketer




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